Charleston is compact, on a small peninsula - with so much history. You can see the highlights first-hand on a narrated walk with

Laughing Gull Tours.


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  1. Early November, 2018
    Tom A - Trip Advisor
    We had a very nice guided tour with Dennis in downtown Charleston. He was knowledgeable and passionate about history. Highly recommended. Thanks Dennis!
  2. Late May, 2019
    CML548 - Trip Advisor
    Our family (2 adults and one almost) went on a walking tour with Denny this past week. He began by asking us about our interests and tailored the tour accordingly. He included both the basics of Charleston's history and some fun facts. His explanation of the battles in and around Charleston were great. He also has plenty to say about the architecture and some nice smaller corners of the place. He had a good sense of humor and kept the tour light. He actually shared his opinions on sights, restaurants, house tours and museums. I much prefer this to a guide who says everything is great. His love of Charleston shows.
  3. Late May, 2019
    IGAmazingbob - Trip Advisor
    We had a tour with Dennis on March 20, 2019 and we had a wonderful time! There were only two of us and Dennis started the tour by asking about our specific interests so he could tailor the tour to what we wanted to learn. Our tour covered a little bit of everything from the Civil War, to slavery, to the past and present of Charleston. Dennis was incredibly knowledgeable about everything and had an answer for all of our questions. Dennis was entertaining and we couldn't have asked for a better experience! If you're looking for a tour in Charleston, Dennis & Laughing Gull Tours should be your #1 choice!
  4. October 6th, 2018
    Fishtownrose - Trip Advisor
    Dennis Stiles was our tour guide. He was fantastic! We had a person with us who had trouble walking fast and he customized our tour to our small group on 3. Dennis is very knowledgeable and we would recommend him to anyone who is interested in the history of Charleston.
  5. Early September, 2018
    Andrew - Google
    I attended a 2 hour tour given by the owner of the company, Dennis. A man with incredibly deep knowledge of the area, its history, and an engaging sense of humor. The tour was approximately 2 hours, but I wished it could have gone on longer as I enjoyed the little pieces of history and trivia hidden in every step of the tour. If you are in Charleston and you enjoy history, this tour is a must.
  6. Early April, 2019
    Travelersinpa - Trip Advisor
    On our first visit to Charleston we really hit the jackpot with guide Dennis Stiles, Laughing Gull Tours, he was top notch and the tour worth every penny. With each location along the way, he brought the city alive for us by weaving a fascinating and absorbing tale of Charleston history and present day vibe. I'm so glad we began our visit with this man as he grounded us in such interesting knowledge, made the city so appealing that it made the remainder of our visit more pleasurable and heightened our overall impression of the city. The ability to ask questions and interact with someone who obviously loves this city was invaluable as opposed to reading the written word or listening to the drone of a pre-recorded message. It gave us a much better feel for the real Charleston and provided a more meaningful experience.